September 11, Wednesday


Chairperson: Ryo Nishide (Shiga University)

1. Ian Piumarta (Kyoto University of Advanced Science)

 "Reconciling accessibility, reliability and safety in the programmable IoT"

2. Matthew J. Holland (Osaka University)

"Stronger contracts in machine learning"

3. Hyonggin An (Korea University)

"Penalized spline propensity prediction imputation method with machine learning techniques"



Chairperson: Chisako Muramatsu (Shiga University)

1. Hwan Chung (Korea University)

"Joint Latent Class Profile Analysis for Repeatedly Measured Multiple Latent Class Variables: An Application to Stage-Sequential Process of Drug-Taking Behaviors"

2. Gobert Lee (Flinders University)

"AI in Radiology"

3. Lotfi El Hafi (Ritsumeikan University)

"Strategies for Deploying Large Cross-Institutional Robotics Projects"