Creating of new value from data

It becomes increasingly important to emerge additional value and produce new businesses and services in a growing momentum of big data analysis and utilization among the variety of field in this modern society. In April 2016, this center was founded as a data science educational research base in Japan.

In this center, we extract useful information from huge amounts of data, and focus on cutting-edge educational research activities relating to the data science to create new value, and furthermore we devote a social contribution and an educational development in various fields through collaboration with companies, local governments and inter –university.



Name Specialization Areas Research Keywords
Kaoru Fueda
Mathematical Statistics Statistical Modeling


Name Specialization Areas Research Keywords
Keisuke Asahara
(Assistant Professor)
Mathematical Physics Quantum Walk
Quantum Field Theory
Heiwa Date
(Associate Professor)
Family Sociology Social Survey
Tsuyoshi Esaki
(Associate Professor)
Informatics Bioinformatics
Takayuki Fujii
(Associate Professor)
Mathematical Statistics Stochastic Process
Change Point Analysis
Tomochika Fujisawa
(Assistant Professor)
EvolutionaryBiology  Evolutionary Genomics
Tetsuto Himeno
(Associate Professor)
Mathematical Statistics Multivariate Analysis
Osamu Ichikawa
Informatics Speech Signal Processing
Automatic Speech Recognition
Takashi Imai
(Assistant Professor)
Mathematical Engineering Nonlinear Dynamics
Chaos Theory
Yu Ishikawa
(Assistant Professor)
Computer Science Biological Information Analysis
Brain-Machine Interface Technology
Koji Iwayama
(Associate Professor)
Informatics Nonlinear Time-series Analysis
Shizue Izumi
Statistical Science
Statistics Education
Study Design
Interactive Teaching
Akira Kawai
(Associate Professor)
Informatics Intelligent Transport System 
Mobile ad hoc
Kaoru Kawamoto
Data Analysis for Decision-Making Data Science
Business Analytics
Yoshiki Kumazawa
Mathematical Statistics Statistical Decision Theory
Jongchan Lee
(Assistant Professor)
Statistics Hierarchical Analysis
Qualitative Data Analysis
Naoki Makita
Official Statistics Statistical Survey
Official Statistical System
Name Specialization Areas Research Keywords
Hidetoshi Matsui
(Associate Professor)
Statistical Science Statistical Modeling
Variable Selection
Hiroyasu Matsushima
(Associate Professor)
Computer Science Multi-Agent Simulation
Chisako Muramatsu
(Associate Professor)
Medical Image Processing Medical Imaging
Deep learning
Masao Nakagawa
(Assistant Professor)
Informatics Systems Engineering
Reliability Engineering
Yoshiaki Nakagawa
(Assistant Professor)
Biology Ecology
Mathematical Biology
Ryo Nishide
(Associate Professor)
Computer Science Pedestrian Flow Analysis
Mobile Communication
Kunihiko Saito
Humanities Society
Management Information System Development
Kenichi Satoh
Statistics Statistical data analysis
Multivariate analysis
Tomokazu Sato
Informatics Computer Vision
Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality
Yo Sheena
Mathematical Statistics Statistical Decision Theory
Multivariate Analysis
Shohei Shimizu
Machine Learning Statistical Causal Inference Reasoning
Tomoyuki Sugimoto
Statistical Science Computational Statistics
Yusuke Tajima
(Assistant Professor)
Biomedical Informatics Sleep Stage Estimation
Masayoshi Takayanagi
(Associate Professor)
Physical Chemistry Molecular Simulation
Big Data Processing
Akimichi Takemura
Mathematical Statistics Computational Algebraic Statistics
Hiroshi Takeuchi
(Assistant Professor)
Applied Mathematics Topological Data Analysis
Persistent Homology
Takuma Tanaka
(Associate Professor)
Neuroscience Information Processing of Brain, The Central Nervous System
Tomoko Tateyama
(Associate Professor)
Image Analysis Medical Image Analysis
Computer Aided Clinician
Takaaki Umedu
(Associate Professor)
Informatics Intelligent Transportation System
Takayuki Yamaguchi
(Assistant Professor)
Applied Mathematics Dynamical Systems
Mathematiacal Model 
Xiaokang Zhou
(Associate Professor)
Informatics Ubiquitous Computing
Big Data

Visiting Professors

Name Specialization Areas Research Keywords Remarks
Takaya Osato
(Specially Appointed Lecturer)
Statistical Science
Statistical Modeling
Company data Analysis
Data wrangling
Shinsuke Ito
(Specially Appointed Professor)
Economic Statistics Official Microdata, Microdata Analysis, Anonymization Chuo University
Hirokazu Kato
(Distinguished Visiting Professor)
Transportation Planning
Environmental Evaluation
Low Carbon City Planning, Life Cycle Assessment, Regional Traffic Strategy Nagoya University
Kazuo Kitahiro
(Distinguished Visiting Professor)
Quality Control Quality Control Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd. (technical advisor)
Hideki Komatsu
(Distinguished Visiting Lecturer)
Time Series Analysis View Communications
Akinori Sato
(Specially Appointed Lecturer)
Official Statistics Economic Statistics
Population Statistics
National Statistics Center
Tsuyoshi Shirai
(Distinguished Visiting Professor)
Information Structure
Information Biology
Structural Biology
Nagahama Institute of Bio-Science and Technology
Sachiko Tanaka
(Specially Appointed Associate Professor)
Medical Statistics Medical Statistics
Clinical Trial / Epidemiology Study
Shiga University of Medical Science
Shinichi Taniguchi
(Specially Appointed Professor)
Database Engineering
Information System Engineering
Data Mining
Shiga University
Michinori Hatayama
(Distinguished Visiting Professor)
Geoinformatics Risk Communication
Disaster Management System
Disaster Prevention Research Institute Kyoto University
Yoshihisa Fujiwara
(Visiting Researcher)
Complex network science
Economic network
Marco economy
Corporate data analysis
University of Hyogo
Ibuki Hoshina
(Specially Appointed Associate Professor)
Statistical Modeling Computational Statistics Aoyama Gakuin University

Executive Advisor

Takamitsu Sawa Faculty/ Graduated School of Economics at the University of Tokyo (Doctor of Economics), Deputy Director of the National Institute of Informatics, Director of Kyoto Institute of Economic Research

Advisory Board

Kazuhito Ataka Chief Strategy Officer of Yahoo co. Japan
Yutaka Kano Professor, Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University
Genshiro Kitagawa President of Research Organization of Information and Systems
Tomoyuki Higuchi Director of The Institute of Statistical Mathematics
Mutsumi Yoshino Doctor of Engineering, Quality Control Department, DENSO Corporation
Takashi Washio Professor of Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research Science, Osaka University
Michiko Watanabe Professor, Graduate School of Health Management, Keio University