SHIGA UNIVERSITY Department of Data Science

Graduate School of Data Science starts in April 2019.

Launch a new field! The department of Data Science is the first for faculty in Japan to meet a real society demand for rich imaginative leaders who use data efficiently.

Data scientists discover hidden information in the big data and then create the new value using their knowledge and utilization skill of data science.The faculty of Data Science commits to contribute for social development to nurture excellent personnel who leads the optimal decision-making based on the data utilization for the society in the future.

What is data science?

Data science is a study of extracting “value” from ubiquitous data in our society. In the recent year, ICT (Information and Communication Technology) has been developing and there is significant and increasing demand for advanced ability of data processing and analyzing in every sort of business, industries such as medical care, educational and government organizations, etc. In addition to expertise, diverse experiences of analysis is required to derive social and economic “value” from the data.

Characteristics of curriculum

This curriculum provides the latest science in 21st century called “data science” (data centric science) which transcends conventional informatics and statistics along with the development of ICT (Information and Communication Technology).

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Yo Sheena Professor, Director of Faculty of Data Science/ Mathematical Statistics
Takaaki Aoki Associate Professor / Mathematical and Geographical Modelling, Network Science
Masaaki Iiyama Professor / Image Processing
Shizue Izumi Professor / Statistical Science / Statistics Education
Osamu Ichikawa Professor / Informatics
Koji Iwayama Associate Professor / Informatics / Nonlinear Time-series Analysis Bioinformatics
Takaaki Umedu Associate Professor / Informatics
Tsuyoshi Esaki Associate Professor / Informatics
Taichi Okumura Associate Professor / Psychometrics
Akira Kawai Associate Professor / Informatics
Kaoru Kawamoto Professor / Data Analysis for Decision-Making
Shuji Kijima Professor / Engineering Mathematics
Kenichi Satoh Professor / Statistics
Tomokazu Sato Professor / Informatics
Masaaki Sato Professor / Official Statistics
Shohei Shimizu Professor / Machine Learning
Xiaokang Zhou Associate Professor / Informatics
Tomoyuki Sugimoto Professor / Statistical Science
Heiwa Date Associate Professor / Family Sociology
Takuma Tanaka Associate Professor / Neuroscience
Shunsuke Teraguchi Associate Professor / Informatics
Hiroaki Nanjyo Professor /Informatics, Intelligent informatics
Tetsuto Himeno Associate Professor / Mathematical Statistics
Kaoru Fueda Professor / Mathematical Statistics
Takayuki Fujii Associate Professor / Mathematical Statistics
Hidetoshi Matsui Professor / Statistical Science
Chisako Muramatsu Professor / Medical Image Processing
Tomoki Yoshihisa Professor / Informatics

Distinguished Visiting Professors

Hirokazu Kato Distinguished Visiting Professor, Professor of Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Nagoya University / Transportation Planning / Environmental Evaluation
Kazuo Kitahiro Distinguished Visiting Professor, Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd. Technical Adviser / Quality Control
Shigeru Kawasaki Distinguished Visiting Professor, Nihon University / Official Statistics
Hideki Komatsu Distinguished Visiting Lecturer, View Communications /
Tsuyoshi Shirai Distinguished Visiting Professor, Professor of Nagahama Institute of Bio-Science and Technology / Information Structural Biology
Kazumasa Jinbo Distinguished Visiting Professor, Institute of Statistical Mathematics/ Discrete mathematics
Michinori Hatayama Distinguished Visiting Professor, Professor of Disaster Prevention Research Institute Kyoto University / Geoinformatics

Industorial Advisor

Masayoshi Aoki Brains Technology, Inc.
Daiki Ogawa Accenture Japan Ltd
Takeshi Ozawa ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation
Yoshiyuki Ono AGC Inc.
Kimio Katsuyama LINE Corporation
Masataka Kawasaki CO-OP Sapporo
Keisuke Kuniyoshi Benesse Holdings, Inc.
Toru Kojima innovation dream inc.
Kenji Sato Sumitomo Metal Mining Co.,Ltd.
Naomasa Shibuya East Japan Railway Company
Yoshiaki Shimada NTT DATA Mathematical Systems Inc.
Kikuko Shirakawa NTT DOCOMO, INC
Go Suyama Accenture Japan Ltd
Shunsuke Terakado TMI Associates
Tuyoshi Nakata ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation
Yasunari Niina DataRobot Japan Inc.
Eiichi Nishikawa Benesse Corporation
Takehiko Hashimoto GA technologies Co., Ltd.
Kengo Fukushima Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
Kosuke Fukunaka GA technologies Co., Ltd.
Junya Masuda INTAGE Inc.
Kodai Matsuo KEARNEY
Yasuaki Minato DENTSU INC.
Hirotaka Miyata ABeam Consulting Ltd.
Takao Mukai Nikkeisha, Inc.
Akinari Murashima AZ K.K.
Yosuke Motohashi NEC Corporation
Kento Yasukawa Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.